Daily Snap: Fire Alarm

Day 205: 10.14.2009

IAB Stairwell
We were getting situated, had just grabbed pastries, and about to do a mic check for that morning's midterm briefing when the fire alarm went off. Fifteenth floor!

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Daily Snap: Stories

Day 204: 10.13.2009

Amsterdam Avenue

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Daily Snap: Breakfast

Day 203: 10.12.2009

IAB Classroom
My workshop group celebrated a classmate's birthday with a breakfast spread and, surprise, some schoolwork!

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Daily Snap: Painting

Day 202: 10.11.2009
Brooklyn Side
Although not the best picture of the bridge, I thought this shot was at least something different.

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Daily Snap: Naugatuck

Day 201: 10.10.2009

Church Street, Naugatuck, Connecticut

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Daily Snap: D is for

Day 200: 10.9.2009

Mudd Hall, Columbia University

D is for my dad: he visited the city to give a talk on ITER to the Applied Physics folks and a few SIPA classmates whom I lead astray.

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center

D is also for my new hand-me-down camera given to me by my dad as an early birthday present.In this shot he was taking a picture of me with the Empire State Building in the background when I noticed the reflection in his lens and said, "Wait, Dad, don't move!". This will make taking better photos (hopefully) easier and picking them out harder!

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Daily Snap: Weather Report

Day 199: 10.8.2009

View from my window

This is the view I get to gauge the weather outside. I'd say sunny with chance of fire escapes and air conditioners.

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Daily Snap: Teacher's College

Day 198: 10.7.2009

W 120th St.

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Daily Snap: Spaziergang

Day 197: 10.6.2009

Columbus Circle

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Daily Snap: Panel

Day 196: 10.5.2009

Columbia Law School
Center for Climate Change Law's Road to Copenhagen Panel

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Daily Snap: Feast of Saint Francis

Day 195: 10.4.2009

Cathedral of St. John the Divine
Yes, the photo is grainy because there was no flash photgraphy in church that day. Why? Because there were crazy animals in church that day instead! Camel, reindeer, yak, tortoise, wallaby, macaque, monkeys, llama, donkey, mini hourse, macaw, baby swans, chickens, ducks, bunnies, turkeys, Golden Eagle, Aplomado Falcon, service dog, AND people brought their pups, cats, gerbels, lizards, and I even saw a fish. And they were all blessed with one fell swoop.

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Daily Snap: Doorway

Day 194: 10.3.2009

Cathedral of St. John the Divine
That's a pretty serious doorway. I hadn't seen evening light on it yet since I'm usually there in the morning.

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Daily Snap: Ceiling

Day 193: 10.2.2009

Columbia School of Journalism

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Daily Snap: Overpass

Day 192: 10.1.2009

View of St. Paul's Chapel from the overpass
This is probably the fanciest overpass I've been on, come to think of it. It connects our building and the Law School to the rest of campus over Amsterdam Ave.

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Daily Snap: Bait

Day 191: 9.30.2009

Columbia's Faculty House
I took the "free personal pan pizza" bait and checked out the re-opened Faculty House. It's got a nice view of Morningside Park, the Upper West Side, and of my Urban Water Infrastructure reading.

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Daily Snap: Notebook Edge

Day 190: 9.29.2009

Law School Classroom
Perhaps I zoned out a bit during class.

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Daily Snap: Amsterdam

Day 189: 9.28.2009

Looking north on Amsterdam Ave

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Daily Snap: Evensong

Day 188: 9.27.2009

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

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Daily Snap: Cold Spring

Day 187: 9.26.2009

Hudson Highlands State Park, New York

I went on a hike with a group from the Cathedral and it didn't even rain on our parade. We hiked up for the view of Cold Spring, the Hudson, and Westpoint across the way.

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Daiy Snap: Watertowers

Day 186: 9.25.2009

Flatiron District

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Daily Snap: Fall Sun 2

Day 185: 9.24.2009
Steps of the International Affairs Building, opposite direction as the day before

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Daily Snap: Fall Sun

Day 184: 9.23.2009

View of the International Affairs Building from the Law School side

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Daily Snap: Question

Day 183: 9.22.2009

My room
Today's shot of a postcard sent to C came in handy not because this postcard got caught in the rain but because the pictures ended up being the only ones I took all day. Etsy has fun postcards, by the way.

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Daily Snap: Steps

Day 182: 9.21.2009

Lowe Library, Campus

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Daily Snap: Digging

Day 181: 9.20.2009

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

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