Yum: Office S'mores

Have you ever assembled s'more ingredients from your pantry with the intent of recreating a campfire moment? With unroasted marshmallows and unmelted Hershey's chocolate, it's just not the same. Tasty, but just not the real deal.
Well, the following events turn out dee-licious. Seriously.

  1. Bring in leftover graham cracker pack from most recent camping trip. Stash in desk drawer.
  2. Bring in leftover candy from Halloweeen, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, etc. Stash in desk drawer. Give away to coworkers when asking for favors. Eat when blood sugar crashes.
  3. Lament insufficient, although tasty, packed lunch. Browse through Drawer of Snacks. Find Russell Stover Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Santa.
  4. Rip Santie Claus in half. Smush him into two graham cracker sandwiches. Be amazed at how satisfying the Room Temperature S'more is! Mallow= gushier than a standard mallow. Chocolate coat= thin enough, no melting required.
  5. Consider finding these just to recreate the moment.
  6. Write first real blog post about it.

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