Daily Snap: Smells Good

Day 136: 7.27.2009Appletree Flower Stand, 120th and Amsterdam
Only a few things really smell good in the city if you ask a 'country' girl like me: flower stands and bakeries and Indian restaurants.

Daily Snap: Butler

Day 135: 7.26.2009

Butler Library, Columbia University

Daily Snap: Pilings

Day 134: 7.25.2009East River along FDR Drive in the 110s
Bicycle adventure down the Upper East Side with a fantastic milk shake, a sidewalk sale, and another worthy thrift shop.

Daily Snap: Thai

Day 133: 7.24.2009Thai Market on Amsterdam
Studied into the evening on a Friday night, but at least we went out for Thai food. The vegetable ginger was fantastic, although the picture's not.

Daily Snap: Cheese Knife

Day 132: 7.23.2009My Kitchen
Now I know what it feels like to be mistaken for gouda. Ouch, cheese knife, ouch.

Daily Snap: Debate

Day 131: 7.22.2009

4th Floor, IAB

There are the muffins (and watermelon and coffe) in action, getting us fired up to argue the CON side of Clean Development Mechanisms.

Daily Snap: Muffins

Day 130: 7.21.2009My kitchen
A late-night blueberry muffin batch for our debate team tomorrow and a just-in-time picture before midnight.


Daily Snap: Union Seminary

Day 129: 7.20.2009

Broadway at 121st

On my walk to school.

Daily Snap: Inwood Hill

Day 128: 7.19.2009

Inwood Hill Park, Manhattan

A Sunday bike from Morningside Park up the west side, through Washington Heights to see the Cloisters, a picnic in Inwood Hill Park overlooking the Spuyten Duyvil Creek, then back down along the Hudson.


Daily Snap: Nathan's

Day 127: 7.18.2009
1. For context.
2. The good stuff.
Coney Island, Brooklyn

Daily Snap: Bee's Knees

Day 126: 7.17.2009
Columbia's Sustainability Garden
See the big bumblebee above the flower? Too fast for my point-and-shoot.

Daily Snap: Feet Up

Day 125: 7.16.2009

Ancell Plaza outside the IAB

Just a little study break to put my feet up for a bit.

Daily Snap: 1501

Day 124: 7.15.2009View of Columbia University from IAB 1501
Back in the top conference room for our Midterm Briefings: breakfast included and great views once the presentations were done.

Daily Snap: Wooded Frame

Day 123: 7.14.2009

Morningside Drive

Daily Snap: Bright, Lights

Day 122: 7.13.2009W 122nd Street
It was still really bright out, but all the building lights were on. Timers?

Daily Snap: Transformed?

Day 121: 7.12.2009

W 122nd Street

Any clues as to what this little paper means would be greatly appreciated. It was just blowing in the wind.

Daily Snap: Pastrami and Pickles

Day 120: 7.1..2009

Katz's Delicatessen, Lower East Side