Daily Snap: Paranoia

Day 119: 7.10.2009 W 120th Street
Possibly my greatest urban fear: bed bugs!

Daily Snap: Filming

Day 118: 7.9.2009

W 122nd Street

Lifts and cameras and film crews and trailers and catering spreads (!) and my street.

Daily Snap: Hydrangea

Day 117: 7.8.2009

Campus, near Fayerweather Hall

Daily Snap: Stuck

Day 116: 7.7.20096th Floor, IAB
May I draw your attenion to the upper right corner? Two Pirate's Booties stuck at the same time. The second one was an attempt to save the first. It ended happily after a lot of shaking and pounding. (don't come between grad students and their vending machine food)

Daily Snap: Hudson Sunset

Day 115: 7.6.2009 131st and West End
C flew home today. Thank you for visiting!

Daily Snap: Iconic

Day 114: 7.5.2009

5th Ave and a mid-40's St.

It's about time I put one of these up, right?


Daily Snap: Happy 4th!

Day 113: 7.4.200918th Floor Apartment, West End
Henry Hudson explored the Hudson River 400 years ago, so New York's big Independence Day fireworks were over the Hudson this year. And we, too, thanks to a classmate, were practically over the Hudson. That's the live broadcast on TV with the live show seen out the windows. It was fantastic!

Daily Snap: Tourists

Day 112: 7.3.2009

Brooklyn Bridge

Who's that tourist on the Brooklyn Bride? It's C out to visit for the long weekend! We make great tourists, if you ask me.


Daily Snap: C for Columbia

Day 111: 7.2.2009

View from W 218th St.

That would be, correct me if I'm wrong, the top of Inwood Hill Park, the Henry Hudson Parkway, the Spuyten Duyvil Creek, and a "C" for Columbia!

Daily Snap: Canada Day

Day 110: 7.1.2009 McSorley's Old Ale House, E 7th St.
Out on the town for Canada Day and the beginning of a long America Day weekend.

Daily Snap: Unlibrary

Day 109: 6.30.2009

Starbucks, Broadway and 115th

No, it's not a beautiful park, but it involved a change of pace, a change of place, and a little caffeine to get me through my environmental policy reading.

Daily Snap: Sangria

Day 108: 6.29.2009

Amsterdam Bar on Amsterdam Ave

Daily Snap: Houseplants

Day 107: 6.28.2009

Columbia Greenmarket: 116th and Broadway

If only I had a windowsill that large...

Although not my "Daily Snap," I thought you might appreciate some local remembrance: The Legendary Apollo Theater, W125th St. (taken 6.27.09)

Daily Snap: Columbus

Day 106: 6.27.2009The Shops at Columbus Circle
This probably counts as Manhattan's only indoor shopping mall. You have to admit- it's quite a beautiful lobby for a mall.

Daily Snap: Dumplings

Day 105: 6.26.2009

Amsterdam near 120th St.

Maybe I'm just always hungry by the time I leave campus, but the clouds looked like heavenly dumplings to me. I'd never seen clouds like that before.


Daily Snap: Hot Enough

Day 104: 6.25.2009Riverside Park

Daily Snap: 1 Train

Day 103: 6.24.2009Broadway and W 122nd
The 1 Train goes above ground from 122nd north, which I can hear passing by from my apartment. Note- it's still rainy!

Daily Snap: Lecture

Day 102: 6:23.2009

IAB Classroom

Just like the computer lab from last week: not much to see for you all, but that's what we're looking at everyday. This particular one is from Climatology on El Nino formation.

Daily Snap: Sediment Cores

Day 101: 6.22.2009

Core Lab, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

Palisades, New York

Daily Snap: Absolute Fresh

Day 100: 6.21.2009

Absolute Bagels, Broadway and 108th

Those, my friends, are fresher-than-fresh everything and sesame bagels from Absolute. No need to toast them when they literally came out of the oven.

Daily Snap: Amazing Race

Day 99: 6.20.2009

en route to the West Tower, Brooklyn Bridge

An alumni-organized Amazing Race game took as all over the city, despite the rain. My legs were shot after six hours, but we sure saw a lot.

Daily Snap: Top Spot

Day 98: 6.19.2009

Pond in Morningside Park

Apparently there are lots of turtles in New York. Go figure!