Daily Snap: Lavatory

Day 364: 3.13.2010

Aboard Etihad Airways, somewhere over Europe
Since we flew through the night, the windows were shut for almost the entire flight. I'd walk around every few hours, stretch, grab some water, and blast my eyes going from the dark cabin to superbright by looking through the only open window - the lavatory. I saw the snowy Alps and grabbed my camera for that reason, but we were already in the clouds by the time I went back in the lav.
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Daily Snap: Etihad

Day 363: 3.12.2010

Aboard Etihad Airways, still in New York
We flew from JFK to Abu Dhabi for our workshop project on sustainable water resources. As if 12+ hours wouldn't be long enough, we were grounded in New York for almost 3 additonal hours. I'd watched a whole movie before we even took off.
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Daily Snap: Branches

Day 362: 3.11.2010

Columbia University
The trees are smarter than college kids. Their leaves know it's still not quiet time to come out for spring.
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Daily Snap: Whole Wheat Everything

Day 361: 3.10.2010

IAB Classroom
Why hasn't Absolute Bagels thought of a whole wheat everything bagel? Brilliant, Brooklyn bagel shop.
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Daily Snap: Coats Unnecessary

Day 360: 3.9.2010

Columbia University
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Daily Snap: Faculty House

Day 359: 3.8.2010

Beside Faculty House, Columbia University
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Daily Snap: Coming out of Hibernation

Day 358: 3.7.2010

Columbia University
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Daily Snap: First Ride

Day 357: 3.6.2010

Central Park
The weather was more than nice enough to take the first bike ride of 2010.
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Daily Snap: Number 12

Day 356: 3.5.2010

Riverside Drive
This apartment building and others like it remind me of Number 12, Grimmauld Place from Harry Potter. It's as if they don't belong and any passerby wouldn't see them sandwiched between the other buildings.
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Daily Snap: Signs of Spring

Day 355: 3.4.2010

Columbia Greenmarket
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Daily Snap: Street Meat

Day 354: 3.3.2010

Broadway near W 116th Street
There's nothing like a good street vendor. We skipped the Chees Burger and went straight for the falafel en route to Brooklyn. We were off to see Sam Mendes' production of As You Like It at BAM (of which I wasn't able to get any photos; the theatre was beautiful).
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Daily Snap: Blanket

Day 353: 3.2.2010

Campus Garden
I stopped by the garden after yoga, and it looked to be sleeping soundly under the last blanket of snow. It's nothing much for a photo, but I hope little shoots are thinking of popping up.
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Daily Snap: Engineering

Day 352: 3.1.2010

Engineering Terrace, Mudd Hall
Really, really beautiful, isn't it? Our computer lab might actually be nicer than these.
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Daily Snap: Eastbound

Day 351: 2.28.2010

Onboard in Albuquerque
Till I'm back after graduation, home, I'll miss you!
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Daily Snap: Pawprints

Day 350: 2.27.2010
Water Canyon
Those are Java's prints on a nice walk before I drove back to Rio Rancho. Chaos got a walk that day, too, but not nearly as muddy.
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Daily Snap: Take Java for a "W"

Day 349: 2.26.2010

Our street, Los Alamos
Java knows the word "walk," that clever dog. It was nice to be home.
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Daily Snap: Monkey in the Middle

Day 348: 2.25.2010

Haynes Park, Rio Rancho, NM
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Daily Snap: Fare

Day 347: 2.24.2010

Triborough Bridge
I got a bit stuck at school and decided it'd be better to pay for the cab ride than miss my flight (which was delayed anyway).
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Daily Snap: Bobcat

Day 346: 2.23.2010

Delivery area, Columbia University
Gotta love these things.
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Daily Snap: Postings

Day 345: 2.22.2010

Mudd Hall (engineering building)
Too bad I missed cookie delivery.
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Daily Snap: Lonely

Day 344: 2.21.2010

46th Street, perhaps
On the way back from watching skiercross debut as an Olympic sport and the USA-Canada men's hockey game at House of Brews, we passed this lonely carpark. It looks like the car was strung up a flagpole by some bullies and then forgotten about. "Hey, let me down! It's not funny anymore!"
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Daily Snap: Dragging

Day 343: 2.20.2010

Amsterdam and W 120th Street
Yikes. The cab was dragging an entire orange fence behind it - around corners, through traffic... see him waving to us that everyone is okay? It finally came out a block later when a bus stopped on the fence and the cab kept going. Two of us darted out to bundle it up and trash it while two others classmates were giving leftover muffins to a homeless man. Two good deeds, one walk home from school.
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Daily Snap: Spaghetti

Day 342: 2.19.2010

Junior's, W 45th Street
My family from outside Boston came into the city for a quick vacation. We met for dinner, pasta-slurping cousins pictured above, before they saw a show and I went back to school on a Friday night.
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Daily Snap: Bake Sale

Day 341: 2.18.2010

6th Floor Computer Lounge, IAB
I don't remember to which worth cause my $1 went, but the cupcake was delicious.
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Daily Snap: Ash Wednesday

Day 340: 2.17.2010

Cathedral of St. John the Divine
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