Daily Snap: Inside-up

Day 97: 6.18.2009

My Apartment Building

For once the inner courtyard door was open and I was able to peer up towards our top-floor kitchen window. It think they only open it when the elevator breaks down: it's the only other way into the basement.

Daily Snap: Hudson

Day 96: 6.17.2009

View south from 130th St. Pier

That's Riverside Church in the distance again. The sky has stayed about that color since I moved here, with a few exceptions.

Daily Snap: 4th Floor

Day 95: 6.16.20094th Floor Lab, IAB
Boring, but now you know where we spend our time. Comfy chairs, eh?

Daily Snap: Indirect Light

Day 94: 6.15.2009

My Apartment

Daily Snap: Votives

Day 93: 6.14.2009

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Daily Snap: Greenmarket

Day 92: 6.13.2009 Union Square Greenmarket


Daily Snap: Randall's Island

Day 91: 6.12.2009

Randall's Island in the East River

We went on a class field trip for Ecology to see the Wetland Restoration Project on Randall's Island and we're old enough to not need permission slips, just to pay tuition at Columbia.

Daily Snap: Lobster Night

Day 90: 6.11.2009

My Apartment

Those two and their other friend were straight from Maine that day. Well, they got stuck in traffic on the way in, but there were worse things in life. Like the part where I dipped them in butter. Yum.

Friend (five minutes before she and her boyfriend arrive): Oh, do you have a really big pot?

Me: Well, I mean, yeah. How big? It wasn't big enough by any stretch, but we got creative. Most entertaining lobster-bake ever seen, said the Lobsterman boyfriend.

Daily Snap: Grey Skies, Green Roof

Day 89: 6.10.2009

View from the IAB, 14th Floor

Daily Snap: Awake!

Day 88: 6.9.2009

My Apartment

Thunderstorms woke me up all night and my new houseplant, too: pretty pink blossoms this morning.

Daily Snap: Grant Memorial

Day 87: 6.8.2009

General Grant National Memorial, Morningside Heights


Daily Snap: Plumage

Day 86: 6.7.2009

Grounds of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Jim-Jim and Me

How could I not post this one, too? He wouldn't have made a good hamburger, don't worry.

Daily Snap: Jim-Jim

Day 85: 6.6.2009Idlewild Park, Queens, NYC
That's Jim-Jim. The guy holding him is a local resident and kids' soccer coach who found Jim-Jim on the synthetic turf field that morning. They were keeping him in a tub next to the snack stand, but said they'd let him go later that day. We've got an Ecology Restoration Project and my group is focusing on migratory birds in Idlewild (next to JFK Airport), hence the visit.

Daily Snap: Rain

Day 84: 6.5.2009 La Salle St. and Broadway
I'm still working out how to best capture a rainy moment. Luckily there have been plenty of opportunites for practice (and very few for enjoying the outdoors). Tips?

Daily Snap: Ham

Day 83: 6.4.2009

International Affairs Building Lounge

Hamilton Deli wasn't messing around with the amount of ham on their sandwiches. I guess that's appropriate, seeing how people call it "HamDeli." Didn't think it had anything to do with cold cuts, though.

Daily Snap: Stop to Smell

Day 82: 6.2.2009En route from campus to W 112th Street

Daily Snap: Appletree

Day 81: 6.2.2009

Amsterdam and 120th

On my walk home from a long day at school, I realized I hadn't yet taken a photo. This blurry little pic is of the Appletree Market between school and home, bus stop and flower shop included. Night shots are hard.

Daily Snap: Backyard

Day 80: 6.1.2009

My New Backyard

That's what I see when I stick my head out my 6th floor window. You can see the tower of Riverside Church in the background.


Daily Snap: Goodbye

Day 79: 5.31.2009

on a jet plane...again.

This time I won't be back for quite a while. I'll miss you, home.

Daily Snap: First Row

Day 77: 5.30.2009

Los Alamos, NM

The most heartfelt congratulations to the both of you!

Daily Snap: Quick Return

Day 77: 5.29.2009

Waiting for the M60, Amsterdam Avenue

It's back to New Mexico for the weekend for my dear friend's wedding. The rain told me I should leave New York anyway.

Daily Snap: IAB

Day 76: 5.28.2009

International Affairs Building

School, sweet school.

Daily Snap: I'm in!*

Day 75: 5.27.2009

My new room

*This was music to my ears and tired body after two bed-less nights. Home couldn't get any sweeter at this point. Couldn't get much smokier either, but that's beside the point.

Daily Snap: New Canyons

Day 74: 5.26.2009

Amsterdam Avenue, New York

Well, I've made it to New York. Got in last night with a few delays and had orientation today. This is a view from the top floor of our building at Columbia University. I think these will be the canyons I'll be calling home for the next year- quite different from the cactus-filled canyons of New Mexico, but hopefully just as lovely and full of adventure at every turn.

Daily Snap: I'm Leaving...

Day 73: 5.25.2009

... on a jet plane.

Daily Snap: Peach Blossom

Day 72: 5.24.2009Near White Rock Canyon
This to me is a peach blossom. It's clearly on a cactus and not a peach tree, but it's the color that counts.

Daily Snap: Graduate

Day 71: 5.23.2009
Los Alamos High School Gymnasium
Our kitchen table, but only for a little while
She'll be my kid sister no matter how well she does (very well), no matter how proud of her we are (very proud), and no matter how far away she goes (medium far for now- to Berkeley!).

Congratulations, sister!

Daily Snap: Caspian

Day 70: 5.22.2009

Our House

That would be my sister with the graduation present C gave her after dance class. Yup, a Prince Caspian poster. She swooned.

Daily Snap: Melting Pot

Day 69: 5.21.2009

Melting Pot, Albuquerque, NM

Considering I leave for New York in a few days, C and I went out for lovely fondue dinner at the Melting Pot. All that food was only dessert, which might be my favorite course. Cheesecake, chocolate, fruit, and powdered sugar tan lines? We rolled home oh-so-full, like the other times we've eaten there.

Daily Snap: Spring Meeting

Day 68: 5.20.2009

Pajarito Mountain

Pajarito Mountain Ski Patrol's Spring Meeting and service awards were at the lodge. Congratulations on 35 years, Boyd! I've only got 34 to go.

Daily Snap: Powerlines

Day 67: 5.19.2009Our Street*
*the one with unfortunate, above ground powerlines, but really blue skies.

Daily Snap: Red Blooms

Day 66: 5.18.2009

Potrillo Canyon Trail, White Rock

I ran by without my camera the other day and couldn't take a picture of the only bloom on all of the cacti around. Then I jogged by the next day (armed with my camera) and found so many, but still only on this particular cactus.


Daily Snap: Higher Water

Day 65: 5.17.2009White Rock Canyon

Daily Snap: Crawly

Day 64: 5.16.2009

Front Walk

Daily Snap: Empty Office

Day 63: 5.15.2009


Last day!

Daily Snap: Good Luck Cake

Day 62: 5.14.2009Work
They threw me such a lovely good-bye party. Thank you!

Daily Snap: Shadows

Day 61: 5.13.2009Our Street

Daily Snap: Canopy

Day 60: 5.12.2009Our Backyard

Daily Snap: Photogenic

Day 59: 5.11.2009Our Front Walk
Right before our run, I bent down to take a picture of the blooming iris to show my out-of-town family (things don't bloom too often around here) when Java came over to check it out. What a ham.

Daily Snap: Ribbons

Day 58: 5.10.2009 My bedroom
Found my old ribbon collection while packing/sorting. More like unpacking to repack.
But look how cute the dog was, too.

Daily Snap: Drive Home

Day 57: 5.9.2009Santa Fe, NM
On the way home from C's house.

Daily Snap: Contrail

Day 56: 5.8.2009

White Rock, NM

I think Java and I were on a walk, not a run. He loves both.

Daily Snap: for Mom

Day 55: 5.7.2009Front walk of our house
I helped Mom get these in before they left for a week and considered it my Mother's Day present to her. Too bad she was out of town on the actual holiday.


Well, I'm technially moved now, but still in an adjustment period because of all of my SCHOOLWORK. Today will be a big push to catch up because it's now or never, really. Thanks for waiting, C!