Daily Snap: Indoor S'mores

Day 314: 1.22.2010

Friend's place in Cold Spring, NY
Indoor wood stove s'mores. Leave the graham cracker and chocolate on of the stove long enough to premelt the chocolate, but not long enough to burn the graham cracker and have it stick to the stove. Burnt marshmallows are okay though, if you like that kinda thing.
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Daily Snap: Pigeons

Day 313: 1.21.2010

Broadway in the High 40's
A friend and I encountered a few birds on our way to MoMA.
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Daily Snap: Meet the Neighbors

Day 312: 1.20.2010

My apartment building
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Daily Snap: 1 Train

Day 311: 1.19.2010

Broadway and 123rd Street or so
I like my neighborhood- grit and all. That's the track for the 1 Train looking north up Broadway towards 125th Street.
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Daily Snap: Model Trains

Day 310: 1.18.2010

Metropolitan Transit Authority Shop, Grand Central Station
I hope they do this every year: if you're in the city, go see the model train New York (North Pole also included) in Grand Central Station next holidays. It had subways, MetroNorth and other passenger trains, freight, repair trains, emergency response, the Polar Express, and a Christmas Story train. Beautiful and detailed! I spent about 5 times as long as the other kids.
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Daily Snap: Boarding

Day 309: 1.17.2010

Dallas Ft. Worth Airport
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Daily Snap: Railyard

Day 308: 1.16.2010

Railyard, Santa Fe
After C met my us in Santa Fe for dinner at Tomasita's (in the background), he drove Sister and I down to his house for the night.
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Daily Snap: Clear Skies

Day 307: 1.15.2010

New Mexico
We love our clear, blue skies.
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Daily Snap: Gradient

Day 306: 1.14.2010

Our backyard
Another gorgeous sunset! It looks like a color gradient, right?
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Daily Snap: Yucca Pods

Day 306: 1.13.2010

C's yard
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Daily Snap: Good Boy

Day 305: 1.12.2009

C's yard
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Daily Snap: Car-roots

Day 304: 1.11.2010

C's garden
Gotta love those root vegetables in the winter!
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Daily Snap: Twinkling Sprawl

Day 303: 1.10.2010

Northeast Heights, Albuquerque
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Daily Snap: First Hike

Day 302: 1.9.2010

Barranca Mesa
Documenting my friends' baby's first hike: I don't think she saw much but if she's anything like her parents, I'm sure she loved it!
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Daily Snap: Telescope

Day 301: 1.8.2010

Pajarito Acres
If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you should be able to see the silhoette of our very own, neighborhood telescope, which, if my memory serves me correctly, has something do to with radio astronomy, the lab, and the Very Large Array.
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Daily Snap: Stick

Day 300: 1.7.2009

I forgot how hard it was to take a good picture when you work all day. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have for you today a stick with frost on it. My apologies.
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Daily Snap: Rise and Shine

Day 298: 1.5.2010

Our front walk

Another New Mexican sunrise, this time caught in our front window with the moon still up above.

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Daily Snap: Planet

Day 297: 2.4.2010

Our backyard
Venus at dusk?
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Daily Snap: Snowmo

Day 296: 1.3.2010

Pajarito Mountain
I am, however, comfortable taking the camera out on the snowmobile. So there you go- proof of Katie on the mountain.
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Daily Snap: Bulbalitos*

Day 295: 1.2.2010

Our walkway
Unlike my dad, I haven't gotten used to skiing with a decent-sized camera. It was a great day on the mountain, but I didn't have my camera on me. Luckily, I took sunrise shot on the way to the mountain, which ended up being the only pictures from the day.

*What we call the fake, electrical faralitos 'round here. The real candle-powered only come out on Christmas Eve.
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Daily Snap: 2010

Day 294: 1.1.2010

White Rock Canyon
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