I haven't been posting because, well, I'm moving from Mexico to York! Once I stop sleeping on couches, I'll try to pick back up. Thanks!


Daily Snap: Plantsies

Day 54: 5.6.2009C's Garden, Rio Rancho
Look, the bed's all built and it's got little plantsies in it. Oh, and Chaos is "standing guard," of course.

Daily Snap: Dave

Day 53: 5.5.2009*Journal Pavilion, Albuquerque, NM

*Cake on birthdays, margaritas on half birthdays: I don't think that only little kids should get to celebrate half birthdays.

Daily Snap: Ruffles

Day 53: 5.4.2009White Rock, NM
Just looked like a Ruffles potato chip to me.


C is at my house...

...and he's reading my blog. Oh, dear. I wanted to see if it was okay with him before I introduced my little blog to the world, since he's been in photos and mentioned about.


Daily Snap: Colt

Day 51: 5.3.2009
North Mesa Stables, Los Alamos
After the monthly Cowboy Breakfast at the Posse Shack, C and I drove around the stables to look at the horsies and goats. Look at this little colt!

Daily Snap:

Day 50: 5.2.2009
White Rock Canyon Rim Trail
Java and I took a short drive to mix it up a little and run on a different trail. There are great views of the river and apparently good rock climbing, too

Daily Snap: Lilac

Day 49: 5.1.2009Our Backyard


Daily Snap: Solo Skater

Day 48: 4.30.2009
Los Alamos, NM

Daily Snap: First Blossom

Day 47: 4.29.2009
My Garden
First strawberry blossom of 2009!

Daily Snap: Old Berries

Day 46: 4.28.2009 My Garden
These unripe berries froze on the cane last year and now are perfectly dried little fruits. I wonder if I stick the whole cluster in the ground, would it sprout?

Daily Snap: Rocks

Day 45: 4.27.2009 Holbrook, Arizona
C laughed that this was where I pulled over to switch drivers. There were a lot of rocks! I love the old Rt. 66 signage though.

Daily Snap: Wristbands

Day 44: 4.26.2009 Stagecoach, Indio, CA
Camping, tent lot access, 21+, and Bloody Mary Bar x 5 people = 20 wristbands.

Daily Snap: Earl Scruggs

Day 43: 4.25.2009
Mustang Stage (the best), Stagecoach Festival
Indio, CA
Eightyfive year old Earl Scruggs live at Stagecoach. He's such a legend that he doeesn't even have to play the whole time, rather sit center stage. The Infamous String Dusters and Brad Paisley were my other favorites. We saw Kevin Costner, too!

Old Haunts

Please go eat at Pipes if you're ever in the Encinitas area. Splitting a breakfast couldn't hurt either, or at least it would hurt less than attempting to eat the whole plate. Then skip lunch and go to the Port for dinner. I miss college, my college buddies, surfing, and putting avocado on everything. Yum.

Daily Snap: Sand

Day 42: 4.24.2009 San Elijo California State Beach
Although the outfall behind me created this marbelized sand, I've worked in water quality long enough to not want to dive in right there. C and I walked from our campsite to Swami's and back.

Daily Snap: Carlsbad

Day 41: 4.23.2009
Carlsbad, CA
From the passenger's seat, again. We did actually get out and play in the waves in Cardiff, too. I should've got a shot of the Pizza Port half Carlsbad half BBQ chicken with pineapple we split with good college friends of mine, but I was to happy eating to bother. Yum.

Daily Snap: Man vs. Wave

Day 40: 4.22.2009 San Clemente, CA
Everybody knows the waves always end up winning. That's just how Mother Nature rolls.

Daily Snap: San Bernardinos

Day 39: 4.22.2009 View from I-15, perhaps near Victorville, CA
C likes to drive, so I like to sit in the passenger seat, take pictures, and DJ our book on CD. Hot in the desert (=AC in the car), snowy on the mountain tops.

Daily Snap: Hoover Dam

Day 38: 4.20.2009 Hoover Dam from Arizona
Quite a feat of engineering, both the dam and the new bridge. We're on our way to visit C's sister in Las Vegas. Vacation!

Daily Snap: Miss G

Day 37: 4.19.2009 Albuquerque Sunport
Remembered to get a shot of the two of us before she flew back to Boise. Next time we visit she'll be a Mrs. not a Miss!

Daily Snap: Fog

Day 36: 4.18.2009
White Rock Canyon
After the evening snow the night before, Saturday was the most beautiful morning. Fresh snow covering blooms, bright blue ski, and a rare fog lingering around the hills. Java and I had a lovely, long run to take it all in. My friend's wedding shower was Saturday, too, but I forgot to get a picture of us!

Daily Snap: Chicken Wire

Day 35: 4.17.2009

My snowy garden

It snowed galore! The sweet peas are hopefully sleeping soundly in their beds.