Daily Snap: Serene

Day 293: 12.31.2009

Unless I manage to upload pictures from my camera of the New Year's Eve Torchlight Parade C and I participated in at the ski hill, today will feature a pre-dawn, serene camp still tucked in by snow.
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Daily Snap: Camp

Day 282: 12.30.2009

Hummingbird, Jemez Mountains
That's my sweetie, this is camp, and that would be snow!

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Daily Snap: Chile

Day 281: 12.29.2009

Garcia's Kitchen, Albuquerque
That's my brother and sister-in-law. They're getting their chile fix before the flight back to California. These pictures, per request, were taken before, during, and after bro shoveled in the good stuff. Maybe you can see the sweat on his brow. Yum.
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Daily Snap: Bacon Grease

Day 290: 12.28.2009

Our house
When you cover his dry food with leftover bacon grease, he just sucks the grease off and spits out the actual food like a watermelon seed. Punk.
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Daily Snap: Sangre de Cristos

Day 289: 12.27.2009

View east from our doorstep
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Daily Snap: Defrost

Day 288: 12.26.2009

Our driveway
I found beautiful frost on C's jeep before the sunrise and the defroster were able to melt it off.
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Daily Snap: Treats

Day 287: 12.25.2009

Our house
Chaos and Java enjoy new twisty treats while C and sister watch on and laugh.
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Daily Snap: Christmas Eve

Day 286: 12.24.2009

Our driveway

Our living room
Traditional faralitos line our snowy driveway and Java sits contently by the presents.
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Daily Snap: A bit.

Day 285: 12.23.2009

Family backyard, Los Alamos

Our Street
We do get more snow, but only a bit.
(That's Chaos in the first photo and C walking Java and Chaos in the second)
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Daily Snap: More?

Day 284: 12.22.2009

Pajarito Mountain
Do we get more snow?
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Daily Snap: Doorstep

Day 283: 12.21.2009

C's house
How could I pass up a picture of the cute dog and the cute front door? Good boy, Chaos.
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Daily Snap: Gingerbread

Day 182: 12.20.2009

C's house, Rio Rancho
These were neither gingerbread nor houses, really, but a lot of fun and tasty just the same. We made graham cracker trucks and ski huts and C's friend's house. Check out C's truck, rims and all! Mine was a sturdy, tasty A-frame.
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Daily Snap: Sandias

Day 281: 12.19.2009

Above I-40 and the Sandia Crest
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Daily Snap: NYC Christmas

Day 280: 12.18.2009

Bergdorf Goodman, 5th Avenue

Rockefeller Center
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Daily Snap: Books

Day 279:12.17.2009

My bedroom
The shelf show what I've been up to lately. I wrote my last exam that day and didn't see much else.
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Daily Snap: Toasting

Day 278: 12.16.2009

My kitchen
Gas stoves are great for toasting up tortillas and leftover-eat-before-break tortillas need a little toasting. C taught me how, but I tend to accidentally crisp mine more than he does. Don't walk away from them.
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Daily Snap: Trail Mix

Day 277: 12.15.2009

IAB Computer Lab
Oh, no! The trail mix spilled in my book bag. I ate most of it by midnight anyway.
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Daily Snap: Quiche

Day 276: 12.14.2009

My kitchen
This quiche was another product of trying to clean out the pantry; it polished off the remaining feta, spinach, eggs, and onion. My mom might say, "Your pictures are all of food!", but that's because taking pictures of books and computer screens is even less interesting. Everyone's gotta eat!
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Daily Snap: Velveteen Prairie Dog

Day 275: 12.13.2009

My bedroom
Having to clean out my room and send things to either the trash or the cleaners was somewhat depressing. The fate if this poor little Prairie Dog, a native, New Mexican from my mom, reminded me of The Velveteen Rabbit: I was so upset when the toys in the nursery had to be burned for disinfection.
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Daily Snap: No Food

Day 274: 12.12.2009

Lehman Library
No food in the library, please, or at least that's what the signs say.
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Daily Snap: Soup

Day 273: 12.11.2009

My kitchen
I made a pot of vegetable rotini soup from scratch in an effort to use up frozen, fridged, and stored food before break.
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Daily Snap: Maison Fran├žaise

Day 272: 12.10.2009

Maison Fran├žaise, Columbia University
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