Daily Snap: Helium

Day 257: 11.25.2009

W 77th Street
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Inflation Celebration is what they called it, I believe. We saw lots of rope, sandbags, short children, helium trucks, and a few balloons, too.
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Daily Snap: View South

Day 256: 11.24.2009

View from 15th Floor IAB
You can see the Empire State Building just left of center with the dome of the Cathedral just below.
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Daily Snap: Rockettes

Day 255: 11.23.2009

Radio City Music Hall
We just had to see the Christmas Spectacular and the Rockettes, of course!
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Daily Snap: Warren Miller

Day 254: 11.22.2009

Symphony Space Theater, Upper West Side
The pictures didn't really come out, but those are mountains and there's snow and that's a Warren Miller movie... ski season!
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Daily Snap: Cranberry Sauce

Day 253: 11.21.2009

My kitchen
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Daily Snap: Rainy Memorial

Day 252: 11.20.2009

Grant's Memorial
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Daily Snap: Chandelier

Day 251: 11.19.2009

Lehman Library
Pretty lights, but not really bright enough for studying.
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Daily Snap: Night Sky

Day 250: 11.18.2009

My room
My window by "night."
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Daily Snap: Yogurt

Day 249: 11.17.2009
IAB Classroom
Breakfast of yogurt, cranberries, and granola at school, making a total of three meals that day.
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Daily Snap: Eagle

Day 248: 11.16.1009
Grant's Memorial
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Daily Snap: Dog Walk

Day 247: 11.15.1009
Riverside Park
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Daily Snap: Chelsea Galleries

Day 246: 11.14.2009

Someteenth Street between 10th and 11th
A rainy day of galleries, farmers markets, and soups in breadbowls from Chelsea Market.

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Finals Week

Hello, hello. Just so you know, posting will be slower than slow as I'm in the midst of exams and term papers. Happy December!


Daily Snap: LEEFS

Day 245: 11.13.2009
Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University
A classmate is helping the 8th grade students with their "upcycling" activity. We led two one-hour sessions on understanding climate change, upcycling, and taking a sustainability pledge as part of their day out through LEEFS.Posted by Picasa

Daily Snap: College Walk

Day 244: 11.12.2009

College Walk, Columbia University

University staff prepping to brighten up the long, dark days of winter.

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Daily Snap: St. Paul's

Day 243: 11.11.2009

St. Paul's Chapel, Columbia University
The chapel is beautiful inside. I'd never been in after dark. Sometimes I wish I carried my real camera around to get decent pcitures, but with that and the books and the laptop - too heavy!

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Daily Snap: Whoops

Day 242: 11.10.2009

My apartment

I took a picture of the mail I sent out, which isn't that uncommon, but then forgot to take any other pictures the whole day. Whoops. Sorry. Boring.

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Daily Snap: Yellow Leaves

Day 241: 11.9.2009

W 122nd Street

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Daily Snap: Picnic

Day 240: 11.8.2009
Central Park
On our way around the Park to find a good picnic spot. It was t-shirt weather!
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Daily Snap: Passing By

Day 239: 11.7.2009
Times Square
See the lifesize sculpture just driving on by?
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Daily Snap: Routine

Day 238: 11.6.2009
125th St Station
Pizza and subways? That's my New York routine. And that's my sweetheart, who had already eaten a pastrami sandwich and a bite of my knish the night before.
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Daily Snap: Birthday

Day 237: 11.5.2009

IAB Lobby

That's C straight from the airport to pick me up after class, not a surprise, with a mini-cake and birthday candles - a surprise!

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Daily Snap: Lemon Bread

Day 236: 11.4.2009

My Apartment
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Daily Snap: Kitchenette

Day 235: 11.3.2009

Kitchenette Uptown, Amsterdam Ave

Great spot for a delicious pre-birthday breakfast with friends. Thanks!

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Daily Snap: In the Heights

Day 234: 11.2.2009

Richard Rodgers Theater

Excellent show!

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Daily Snap: Marathon

Day 233: 11.1.1009

116th and 5th

W 77th St

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