Not that I've got any readers out there, but just for the record I am very pleased to announce that C and I are going on vacation. We'll be roadtripping around California and should be back next Monday. Or maybe Tuesday. Bah-bye!


Daily Snap: UBO

Day 34: 4.16.2009Our Driveway
Unidentified Blooming Object

Daily Snap: Climbing

Day 33: 4.15.2009 YMCA Climbing Gym, Los Alamos
I'd never really been climbing before. Up the wall once when I was younger, but that's it. A ski patrol buddy took me (thanks) and it was a blast! Arms=sore.


Daily Snap: The Rio

Day 32: 4.14.2009White Rock Canyon and the Rio Grande

Daily Snap: Car Frosting

Day 31: 4.13.2009Our Driveway
It reminded me of frosting on a cake, except on the hood of my car and I wouldn't dare eat it.

Daily Snap: Easter Sky

Day 30: 4.12.2009

Water Canyon

Hours after our Easter dinner, I decided to take an evening jog with Java. I am so blessed to have seen such a beautiful sight- constantly evolving sky-blue-pink with snow covered peaks in the distance. Ahhh.

Daily Snap: Puddles

Day 29: 4.11.2009

Neighbor's driveway*, White Rock

It rained! And in the mountains, it snowed. And it made puddles and they were wet! Wow, we don't get that often.

*See that fenced-off area behind the driveway? That's the garden that inspired mine. We've got a wonderful neighbor!

Daily Snap: Bedframe

Day 28: 4.10.2009C's Backyard
Look, it's the frame for his raised bed. And his helper dog, Chaos, checking out a chunk of root. We got the aluminum walls up that night, but silly me forgot to take an after picture.

Daily Snap: Isotopes

Day 27: 4.9.2009Isotopes Park, Albuquerque
C and I met his buddies for the season opener: Isotopes vs. Omaha Royals. Victorious 14-8, woot woot! Stadium- nice, lines- long, funnel cake fries- goooood!

Daily Snap: Scrap

Day 26: 4.8.2009

Compost Tumbler, Our Backyard

I just about forgot to take a picture, so all you get is photo scrap of, well, vegetable scrap! Someday those banana peels and mushy grapes will grow up to be wonderful compost for my garden. Well, I won't have much of a garden after I move to New York, but the compost will be happy wherever.

Daily Snap: Spinach

Day 25: 4.7.2009My Garden
That, my friends, is an up-and-coming spinach, one who survived the snow to boot!


Daily Snap: Before Bed

Day 24: 4.6.2009C's Backyard- future home of vegetables!
Seeing as he lives in a giant sandbox named Rio Rancho, the fact that stray grass was growing in this particular corner of the yard might be a good sign. Future location of raised bed experiment numero uno. Clothing line post as a trellis? Good idea.

Daily Snap: Closing Day

Day 23: 4.5.2009
Taos Ski Valley
C calls me up that week and confesses he bought a new pair of skis. So of course we had to try them out. What better place than closing day at Taos, a glorious powder day? Why we didn't hike Kachina Peak, I still don't know. He now loves those twin-tip, powder-floatin' fatties, by the way.


Daily Snap: Indian Trails

Day 22: 4.4.2009

Saddle between Water and Potrillo Canyons

I love the multitude of trails in the canyons near our house. There are trails every which way, both old and cut in to the tuff, like this one, or shallow emerging ones following arroyos. This one's like a bobsled course, but I've never tried that in the winter.

Daily Snap: Homestead

Day 21: 4.3.2009Montoya Ranch, Sangre foothills outside Cundiyo
My coworker's dad has a beautiful ranch outside Cundiyo that we visited to pick up some corrugated metal roofing material (to use in C's garden). This beauty was the original homestead on site that her dad rebuilt. So peaceful!


The WWW*: EmilyStyle

I've been reading a wonderful blog, EmilyStyle, and thought her What to Wear posts were particularly fantastic. Readers submit outfit dilemmas then Emily pairs some sort of Adobe Photoshop magic with her savvy style sense to come up with cute, chic solutions. I decided to write in regarding the first day of grad school and this is what she came up with:
You can read my wordy letter and her full post here. Blogs are the wave of the future, man. Thanks, Emily!
*World Wide Web. I don't care for the term "blogosphere," yet I've now got a blog. Hmm.


Daily Snap: Dawn

Day 20: 4.2.2009
View east from housesitting on Potrillo Dr.

Daily Snap: Where's Birdo?

Day 19: 4.1.2009 Backyard
See that little birdie way up in the tree? Java the Dog saw that birdie, and wouldn't stop barking. Man-o-man.

Daily Snap: Breakfast

Day 18: 3.31.2009

Kitchen Table

Oh, if only this photo looked this good. Breakfast might've tasted that good with fresh lime juice on the fruit salad and raspberry ginger jam. But it doesn't look nearly as good. Maybe I need a fancy camera and cute dishes. Right.


Daily Snap: Apple Carrot Cupcakes

Day 17: 3.30.2009

Family Kitchen

C and I dug up an armful of garden carrots (from last fall!) and thus needed to use them up. So I baked Elise's apple carrot cupcakes and put cream cheese frosting on top. I'm surprised these few made it to the second day- yum.

Daily Snap: Knife Ridge

Day 16: 3.29.2009
Daredevil boyfriend.

Me and the boys.
Knife Ridge Trail, White Rock, NM

Daily Snap: Art Museum

Day 15: 3.28.2009
New Mexico Art Museum, On the Plaza, Santa Fe, NM

Today's picture was a major toss-up between the pretty museum or the sweet, sweet R2D2 postal drop box on the street corner ten feet away. C and I had fun exploring the plaza and eating caramel apples from Senor Murphy's. My favorite.

Daily Snap: Railrunner Sky

Day 14: 3.27.2009Somewhere between Santa Fe and Los Ranchos from the NM Railrunner

Daily Snap: Spring Snow

Day 13: 3.26.2009Pajarito Plateau, NM
View towards the Jemez Mountains from work. This storm caught everyone offguard.

Daily Snap: Banff Film Festival

Day 12: 3.25.2009

The Lensic Theatre, Santa Fe, NM

My second time at the world-touring Banff Film Festival. Wonderful films!

Daily Snap: Old Truck

Day 11: 3.24.2009Neighbor's yard, White Rock, NM
I just love that old truck every time Java and I walk by.